Single Seniors' Realistic Expectations in Over 50 Dating & Relationships

Relationships and dating after 50 something can prove a hard nut to crack for a lot of people because of their inability to accept that it is a new playing field that has new rules and expectations. After a marriage and a lifetime of relationships, it is not easy to learn new tricks of a game you’ve played all your life. It is therefore important to be aware that even though you have your own expectations, there are also a number of things that you should also bear in mind when approaching over 50 dating. Here are a few realities to bear in mind when looking for love in your advanced years:

Single Seniors

Leave a few items off your wish list

Chances are you won’t find someone that ticks all the boxes on your “what I want in a partner” list and it is okay. Most single seniors have had a lot of experience in love and loss and are more realistic about their standards and needs. You should also think about the things you are looking for and evaluate whether they are important or not. Try to be more open and accepting of others and you might just find that there’s more to life than you have been limiting yourself to.

Be responsible for your words and deeds

Love at first sight and faint-hearted swooning rarely happens in over 50 dating but sometimes do. It may not happen for you, so you need to put in the actions to take charge of your feelings and behaviors. Your partner may not be available at the most convenient times for you, it is up to you to make it work. Also, do not over labour yourself with how other people are feeling. You can try to be the best person that you are, but it is left for the other person to accept you.

Over 50 dating is actually fun

Single seniors today have a high expectation from dating as a fun activity not just passing time. Women still want romance even in their over 50 dating so make the effort to flirt, smile genuinely, make grand gestures and have a great time overall. Have the confidence to handle rejection and the willingness to take advantage of opportunities to find love and romance all over again.

It takes two to tango

Over 50 dating involves unlearning most of the things you know about the bedroom and intimacy. Today’s expectation involves more selflessness, more reciprocity and understanding when dealing with sexual pleasure. While the dynamics are quite fluid depending on the day and moods, no partner would accept being on the giving or receiving end all the time. A thoughtful partner will learn how to have the most mutually gratifying intimate encounters and learn what touches and stimulation have the most effective results.

In conclusion

A growing number of 50+ singles are back on the dating market and looking for twilight love again. If you are one of the large group, understanding and maintaining your expectations are important in today’s world of over 50 dating and are useful in developing happier and more fulfilling relationships than ever before.