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In the vast spectrum of online dating sites that operate on the internet today, there are many websites that target specific niches instead of remaining open for all kinds of people to join and connect. is one of such websites that offers an online dating platform for senior citizens (those over the age of 50) only, letting them interact only with people from their age group. The website is advertised as a platform for only senior citizens looking to get into serious relationships and helping them find the special someone they’re looking for. It’s a targeted dating platform that does not allows hook-ups or casual flings, so we consider it as a reliable and trustworthy dating website for singles over 50.

Overview - Review by Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Silver Singles dating site is an secure environment where 50+ singles interact and look for desirable partners. It's also one of the fastest-growing brand in the over 50 dating niche. Its uncomplicated interface makes senior singles meet that special someone feel convenient and safe. Being equipped with all the essential features on a superb online dating site, ensures that you’ll find plenty of like-minded local singles successfully and efficiently. So whether you want a serious relationship or a just a fun date, Silver Singles is a preferred site for singles aged 50 and up.

Pricing Plan

As with other popular dating sites, registering, browsing and viewing matches is free. However, if you wish to initially contact anyone on this platform, you’d need to sign up for a subscription. The pricing structure is as follows:

  • 3-month subscription: $173.85 ($57.95 per month)
  • 6-month subscription: $209.70 ($34.95 per month)
  • 12-month subscription: $383.40 ($31.95 per month)

It is worth mentioning that the longer the duration you decide to subscribe for, the less membership fee you’ll have to pay each month.


As far as the more regular features of dating sites go, checks all the important boxes. You’ve got the choice to create, view intriguing and fun to read profiles, searches that would pull up a list of members on the website based on definite criteria you select (online, location, similar interests, etc.), a myriad of ways to communicate ranging from flirts to messages to ice-breakers, and even recommended matches provided by the system for those who don’t know where to start. Furthermore, the website also offers a unique feature: the color code personality tests. These tests can match you with other people you might be compatible with, this exclusive feature can be regarded as a truly thoughtful and useful approach to online dating.


Like any dating websites that are worth your time, doesn’t cut corners on customer support or privacy, both of which you can rest easy about when signing up. The platform is fairly easy to use and specially designed for people over 50, which means even seniors who normally struggle to keep up with technology nowadays have no obstacle in using this website. The biggest highlight the website has going for it though is its customer base. As advertised, the website is full of seniors who’re looking to get into serious relationships. Meaning everyone on this platform is generally mature, well-educated and respectful, which is a great relief to anyone who expects to find love here.


While its customer base is truly well-behaved, it still exists a problem that this platform isn’t the most popular dating sites for over 50 out there today. Not to mention the website has more female members than male at present which means quite a level of disparity between the genders. It’s also worth mentioning the website doesn’t support gay or lesbian relationships yet, which is a little backward considering the age we live in today.

Final verdict

If you’re 50+ singles and looking for a good serious relationship online, then isn’t a bad choice at all, because the majority of their members are in their golden years, at lease in their 50 years of age. Its interface is newly designed, modern and easy to use, which caters to user's aesthetic needs and gives consideration to the use habits of the old people meanwhile. Again, the overall evaluation of the website is that its customer base is truly respects the quest for love (not sexual gratification), so you’re bound to find something here. And the most secure online dating environment is certainly a big plus. Worth a try for 50 plus singles.

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